carlos kubo

The artist Carlos Kubo shows the new phase of his paintings, featured by the strong-vibrant colors 
and the new technique used by the artist. His disquietude and the continues search for new way 
to set his ideas in the canvas brought Kubo to embrace a mixed technique wich include the 
use of the spatula instead of the brush and the mix of texture and transparency, transforming 
the paintings in a truly colors explosion, printing for them his current state of mind.

Son of Missao Kubo and Wase Kubo, a couple that arrived in Brazil in 1927, is the youngest of seven 
brothers. Calos Kubo was born in Lins, in the state of São Paulo, in 1949. Living there until move 
with the family for the state capital, the city of São Paulo, when he was 11. They say that a berry 
never falls so far of its tree, and, in Kubo’s case, his work is visibly influenced 
by the family’s Japanese roots because his father was poet and usually to writing Haicais. 

Although his curiosity by drawing have begun childhood, 
the first contact of Kubo with the ink happened in the teenage and before his ingress into 
the Fine Arts São Paulo University, where he been formed in Publicity, acting area until decide to 
made of the painting his profession. The Oriental subjects are represented by delicate forms, 
transparencies and living colors. Women, Children and Animals are caught in the execution 
of a move, transmitting a great lightness.

According Kubo, the creation is the engine that moves his life. While he paints, he and his work 
confuses each other. “The desire that I have is only improve myself within, because, all I come be 
as human being, will be reflected in my paintings, because they will be a mirror of my soul. I believe 
that TO WILL is not the enough, we have to BE! Makes no sense want to paint a picture to 
represent the peace, if the peace is not in my inner”, Kubo reflects.

An renowned artist, with hundreds of exhibitions in the career and paintings making part of 
private collections in Brazil and many other countries, Kubo feels accomplished.”I always wanted 
to make of the painting my LIFE and I did. I can’t grumble of my life, I just have to thanks. Projects? 
Paint and try to enjoy fully the pleasure that painting provides me, without worrying with critiques, 
because the greatest critic is myself”, reveals the artist.


* Solo Exhibition: Lay Art Space, Tokyo - Japan   * In Tokyo sets up the Shinjuku Studio  

* Solo Exhibition: Show Room Igrek  Gallery, Tokyo - Japan        

* Solo Exhibition: Lay Art Space, Tokyo - Japan (second time)    

* Solo Exhibition: O'Seiryu Gallery, Osaka - Japan  

* Solo Exhibition: International Flower Fair, Osaka - Japan  

* Invited to represent São Paulo at Expo 90 Osaka, Osaka – Japan    

* Japan Group Exhibition: Museum of Ueno, Tokyo - Japan    

* Research on Shii-Saa Okinawa Island Japan    

* Wins the Governor Prize,  Osaka – Japan    

* Takes part in a work of the "Greece" Panel 300x600cm, at the Japan Golf Club - Japan  

* Solo Exhibition: J.T. Plaza,  Naha, Okinawa - Japan    

* Solo Exhibition: Ibirapuera Center, São Paulo - Brasil  

* Solo Exhibition: Japanese American Cultural  and Community Center Los Angeles - USA    

* Solo Exhibition: L.A. Convetion Center Los Angeles - USA    

* Group Exhibition:Artexpo Las Vegas "The Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas - USA    

* Solo Exhibition: Jockey Club de São Paulo - Brazil    

* Solo Exhibition: Ita Galeria de Arte, Foz do Iguaçu - Brasil      

* Solo Exhibition: Centro Cultural Brasil - Estados Unidos, Santos - Brazil          

* Group Exhibition: Espaço Cultural Latino Americano de Artes, Buenos Aires - Argentina    

* Group Exhibition: Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo - Brasil    

* Group Exhibition: Org. dos Estados Americanos de Artes, Buenos Aires - Argentina    

* Solo Exhibition: Galeria Bric a Brac, São Paulo - Brasil  

* Group Exhibition: Paço das Artes Cidade Universitaria, São Paulo - Brasil  

* Group Exhibition: Abney Gallery Soho, New York - USA    

* Group Exhibition: Contemporary Brasillians Artists - Creative Arts GuildDalton, Georgia - USA      

* Group Exhibition: " South America Art Exhibition", Okayama - Japan  

* Group Exhibition: " South America", Sapporo - Japan  

* Painel 200x500cm, Painel “Diálogo pela Vida”, Sokagakai, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil  

* Solo Exhibition: INFRAERO Space, Guarulhos Airport, Guarulhos - Brasil  

* Solo Exhibition: Londrina/Maringá, Paraná - Brasil  

* Solo Exhibition: Blue Tree Park de Lins, São Paulo - Brazil  

* Solo Exhibition: Spectrum Miami, Miami - USA.

* Solo Exhibition: Brazilian Embassy of Tokyo - Japan

* Solo Exhibition: Akasaka Civic Center - Tokyo - Japan 


England, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Belgium, Israel, Germany, USA (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, New York,

New Jersey, Michigan, Arizona, New Orleans), Japan (Nishinomiya, Osaka, Naha (Okinawa), Tokyo, Kobe)

represented by

Claudia Igarashi - Narita - Japan

Andressa Málaga - USA            Kubo Studio - Londrina - Brasil